Highlights from Sarah’s upcoming 2017 schedule: 


February 1-5th

Teaching and filming for Sarah´s Music at New World Symphony, Miami

Feb. 6-11th

Filming for Sarah´s Music in Havana, Cuba

March 13-16th

Horn Festival in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel.

Filming for Sarah´s Music at the Israeli Opera

March 24th

Live Horn Hangout in Berlin with Tamás Velenczei

April 1-17th

Berlin Philharmonic Easter Festival, Baden Baden

April 24th

Live Horn Hangout with Radovan Vlatkovíc

April 29/30

Sound Unbound at the Barbican Centre in London

May 7th

Concert in the Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg with the Berlin Philharmonic

May 14th

Concert with the Musicians4UnitedEurope at the Radialsystem in Berlin

June 8th

Guest on the Markus Lanz talkshow for ZDF German TV

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