Highlights from Sarah’s upcoming 2017 schedule: 


February 1-5th

Teaching and filming for Sarah´s Music at New World Symphony, Miami

Feb. 6-11th

Filming for Sarah´s Music in Havana, Cuba

March 13-16th

Horn Festival in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel.

Filming for Sarah´s Music at the Israeli Opera

March 24th

Live Horn Hangout in Berlin with Tamás Velenczei

April 1-17th

Berlin Philharmonic Easter Festival, Baden Baden

April 24th

Live Horn Hangout with Radovan Vlatkovíc

April 29/30

Sound Unbound at the Barbican Centre in London

May 7th

Concert in the Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg with the Berlin Philharmonic

June 11

Children´s Concert with Avi Avital and the Dresdner Philharmonie, Dresden

July 2-17th

Pacific Music Festival, Sapporo, Japan

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