38: Sarah’s Music Around The World

Berlin 2016 and New York, Paris, Geilo, Sapporo, Sydney 2015


It is so much fun making these compilation episodes! We started out at the beginning of the year with Sarah´s Music Moments and then decided to celebrate the “globalness” of the programme with this special around-the-world episode.

I am loving going back and looking through previous programmes to find my favourite footage but, once again, I have to be banned from the studio in the last editing phase because I have so many favourite moments that the programme would last for hours.

Thanks to Kevin and Magda for being strict with me yet producing this lovely episode.

Sarah´s Music really has been global this past year – New York, Paris, Geilo (Norway), Sapporo and Sydney and I have loved every minute of filming them all. Which episode was YOUR favourite? I would love to hear from you!

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  • Bro from the Bronx
  • Labèque Horn Challenge
  • Kimono Horns
  • Australian World Orchestra Horns
  • Horn Challenge