41: The Lufthansa Orchestra

Frankfurt, May 2016 – Simone Menne, David Schubert, Colin Touchin


My orchestra, the Berlin Philharmonic, was on a tour in Europe. I wasn’t needed for this tour so I stayed home. A member of my horn section called me up and excitedly told me that their Lufthansa pilot was a horn player and that I should interview him. This was a year ago and I’m really happy and proud to finally be able to do so – David Schubert, pilot and also a great horn player, is featured in this episode and it was so much fun playing a duet with him in the airport hangar!

Thanks to David I found out about the Lufthansa orchestra- an orchestra made up of pilots, flight attendants, technicians, office workers and many more, all who love playing their instruments in their spare time and who get together for 2-3 special concerts every year. I absolutely loved spending the weekend with these infectiously enthusiastic musicians, who all made me and my team feel so welcome. I was even allowed to play along for one piece in the concert!

This orchestra is very special, as Mrs Simone Menne, patron of the orchestra and a member of the Executive Lufthansa Board, tells us in her interview. I think every single member of the audience at the concert in Langen would agree. There is nothing like the power of music to bond and move people, and what I loved most about this orchestra is that although they are all amateurs, it was still a really high standard and you could sense that everyone wanted simply to give their best and enjoy the occasion.

A very special episode featuring a very special orchestra- thanks for letting us see into your world, dear LH Orchestra!

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  • Maria Seegerer

    OMG!! This is just another wisbit on the extraordinary orchestra landscape in Germany! Thank YOU, Sarah, to make that known!

    • http://sarah-willis.com/ Sarah Willis

      Thank you so much , Maria, great that you watched and enjoyed, the Lufthansa orchestra is a wonderful orchestra with very special people! All the best!

  • Gabby Webster Mulcahy

    Wonderful! Are they allowed to take their instruments onboard?!

    • http://sarah-willis.com/ Sarah Willis

      HI Gabby! David, the pilot, buckles his horn onto the jump seat when he´s flying! So happy you enjoyed the programme!

  • BobbyBarker

    Wonderful to see Lufthansa supporting their workers by sponsoring a fine orchestra. When I used to work for Hewlett-Packard on the west coast of the USA, they too sponsored such a group for many years. Unfortunately, a new CEO who didn’t value such interactions (a tennis player, he) shut it down and now the hall they used to perform in is no more.

    Here’s hoping Lufthansa continues their tradition for many, many more seasons.