05: Strings & Stradivari

October, 2014 – Bonn – Alban Gerhardt, The Borodin Quartet

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With each episode of Sarah’s Music I do, the more I love doing it—and I learn so much! For example, in the Strings and Stradivari episode, I realised I knew little about string instruments.

Catherine Arlidge and John Tattersdill were great interview partners from the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

I loved listening in on the Borodin Quartet’s rehearsal and discovered that around the corner from my flat in Berlin are world famous violin makers & repairers Daniel Kogge and Yves Gateau.

To be allowed to play the cello with Alban Gerhardt for the horn challenge was a very special moment, even if I rather embarrassed myself!

One of my favourite string instrument trivia facts I learned during filming (which sadly hit the cutting room floor): the hair used for the bow of a string instrument comes from a male horse.

Why the male horse and not the female? Because the female pees on her tail and it makes the hair too brittle to use for bows—there you go!

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