12: Hip-Hop & Horn

March, 2015 – New York – The Carnegie Hall Music Workshop

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One of my favourite episodes so far! I arrived at the Carnegie Hall Resnick Wing not knowing what to expect from the ‘Digital Music Sampling Workshop’. I’d just been asked to bring along my horn and talk to the young participants who were young and interested in hip hop.  I wasn’t sure whether we’d have much in common – the ‘nerdy’ classical musician and the ‘cool’ hip-hoppers. I certainly felt out of place when I first walked in the room as I seemed to be the only one not wearing a hoodie or a hat!

But it turned into an amazing day, I loved talking to everyone and they had great questions about the horn and my job in the Berlin Phil. I enjoyed being part of the Organic Orchestra (see the outtake) and was very impressed at how they sampled my horn as part of the workshop.  In fact, I was so impressed with the four hip hop tracks that the participants came up with that I have posted them here here. Can you hear my horn in them? Let us know what you think!

Thanks to the Carnegie Hall Resnick Wing team, Pudge and Matt, the team from Building Beats and also all my new friends who attended the workshop. I really hope our paths will cross again. And if any of you know the name of the young New Yorker who took the Horn Challenge, please let me know, I´d love to send her the clip!

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  • Organic Orchestra
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  • http://sarah-willis.com/ Sarah Willis

    Loved this episode! What do you think of the horn sampling on the hip hop tracks? :-)

    • Sarah

      Dear Sarah Willis! This was really interesting, especially for me, as I’m studying music, french and spanish to become a teacher one day… I was stunned by the warming up method in the beginning because I also learnt it here in Germany and already used it in school. Didn’t know it was that universal ;) Education programs are so interesting! And I just love your program on the DW. If one day you need an assistant… ;)

      • http://sarah-willis.com/ Sarah Willis

        Hi! thanks for watching! I loved doing this episode, the kids were awesome. You are welcome to be a virtual assistant and let us know if you have any ideas for the programme! All the best from Berlin!

        • Sarah

          Oh, das klingt sehr aufregend! Kann ich eine Nachricht über das Kontaktformular auf der “Sarah’s Music-Seite” der DW-Homepage schicken oder ist das unpraktisch?

          • http://sarah-willis.com/ Sarah Willis

            Sehr gerne!

  • Cyndi McKeown Williams

    I wouldn’t call it “nerdy”…you definitely had some “groove” going on!