Horn Hangouts

The World Trombone Quartet

Live Hangout 08.06.2016

LSO Horns – Tradition, Tales and Tiffin

Live Hangout 18.05.2016

Tony Halstead – High and Low

Live Hangout 17.05.2016

Eric Terwilliger – Relax and Focus

Live Hangout 29.02.2016

A Venezuelan Horn Hangout

Live Hangout 19.01.2016

A Century of Service in the Berlin Philharmonic

Live Hangout 03.10.2015

Dr. Don Greene – Mastering Performance Skills

Live Hangout 08.08.2015

James Thatcher & Brian O’Connor – Hollywood Horn Legends

Live Hangout 06.08.2015

Michael Mulcahy – Sydney, Trombones and Mashed Bananas

Live Hangout 31.07.2015

Håkan Hardenberger – Concertos, Composers and Cow Horns

Live Hangout 21.04.2015

Jesper Busk Sørensen & Stefan Schulz – Breathing, Buzzing and Hair

Live Hangout 31.03.2015

Gábor Tarkövi – Gábor’s Halloween Hangout

Live Hangout 31.10.2014

Phil Myers – Preparation, Persistence and the New York Phil

Live Hangout 3.10.2014

Terry “Drac” Johns – Letters, Music and Star Wars

Live Hangout 13.08.2014

Julie Landsman – Dreams Come True… and a bit of Aura Fluffing

Live Hangout 10.04.2014

Zoltan Kiss – Mnozil, Mouthpieces and Kissbones

Live Hangout 20.01.2014

Dinka Migic-Vlatkovic – Fight, Flight or Freeze

Live Hangout 20.02.2014

German Brass – Coffee, Cakes & Concerts

Live Hangout 30.01.2014

Marie Luise Neunecker – Flex Chin and Cheese Sandwiches

Live Hangout 25.11.2013

Tine Thing Helseth – Trumpet, Touring and Ten Girls

Live Hangout 22.11.2013

Roger Bobo – Tuba, Travels and Teaching

Live Hangout 17.10.2013

Klaus Wallendorf – Duets and Dialects

Live Hangout 10.09.2013

Arkady Shilkloper – Inspiration and Improvisation

Live Hangout 9.09.2013

Stefan de Leval Jezierski – The Silver Horn, The Berlin Phil and Lots of Tennis

Live Hangout 5.09.2013

A Tribute to Dale Clevenger – Live from Chicago

Live Hangout 10.06.2013

Christian Lindberg – Composing, Conducting and Trombone Playing

Live Hangout 16.05.2013

Denise Tryon and David Griffin – Keeping it Below the Stave

Live Hangout 10.05.2013

Una Horn Hangout en Español!

Live Hangout 1.03.2013

Wolfgang Vlader – Life with a Viennese Horn

Live Hangout 21.02.2013

Anna Prohaska – Enchanted Forest, Heavy Metal and Blue Soup

Live Hangout 2.04.2013

Barbara Hannigan – Perfect Pitch, Singers’ Breathing and conducting Sir Simon

Live Hangout 26.01.2013

Frøydis Ree Wekre – Teaching, Whistling and Buzzing at Bus Stops

Live Hangout 24.01.2013

Fergus McWilliam – Blow Your OWN Horn!

Live Hangout 23.01.2013

Håkan Hardenberger – Trumpet, Conducting and 10,000 Hours of Practice

Live Hangout 16.01.2013

Carol Jantsch – Philhadelphia Orchestra, Tuba, Cats and Frisbees

Live Hangout 18.12.2012

Myron Bloom – Cleveland Orchestra, George Szell and Other Heroes

Live Hangout 10.12.2012

Dinka Migic-Vlatkovic – Conquering Performance Fears

Live Hangout 6.12.2012

Dale Clevenger – Chicago Symphony, Maestros and Critics

Live Hangout 29.11.2012

Mick Mulcahy – Trombone, Music and Chicago Legends

Live Hangout 28.11.2012

Gail Williams – Breathing and Blowing and Singing Dogs

Live Hangout 13.11.2012

Jeff Nelsen – Fearless Horn Playing and a bit of Magic

Live Hangout 26.10.2012

Steven Mead – Mutes, Hotels and Upgrades

Live Hangout 28.09.2012

James Morrison – Live Interval Chat from Melbourne

Live Hangout 27.09.2012

Radovan Vlatkovic – Touring, Performing and Family

Live Hangout 25.09.2012