Michael Mulcahy
Sydney, Trombones and Mashed Banans

Live Hangout 31.07.2015

Håkan Hardenberger
Concertos, Composers and Cow Horns

Live Hangout 21.04.2015

Jesper Busk Sørensen & Stefan Schulz
Breathing, Buzzing and Hair

Live Hangout 31.03.2015

Gábor Tarkövi
Gábor’s Halloween Hangout

Live Hangout 10.10.2014

Phil Myers
Preparation, Persistence and the New York Phil

Live Hangout 3.10.2014

Terry “Drac” Johns
Letters, Music and Star Wars…

Live Hangout 13.08.2014

Julie Landsman
Dreams Come True… and a bit of Aura Fluffing

Live Hangout 10.04.2014

Zoltan Kiss
Mnozil, Mouthpieces and Kissbones

Live Hangout 20.01.2014

Dinka Migic-Vlatkovic
Fight, Flight or Freeze

Live Hangout 20.02.2014

German Brass
Coffee, Cakes & Concerts

Live Hangout 30.01.2014

Marie Luise Neunecker
Flex Chin and Cheese Sandwiches

Live Hangout 25.11.2013

Tine Thing Helseth
Trumpet, Touring and Ten Girls

Live Hangout 22.11.2013

Roger Bobo
Tuba, Travels and Teaching

Live Hangout 17.10.2013

Klaus Wallendorf
Duets and Dialects

Live Hangout 10.09.2013

Arkady Shilkloper
Inspiration and Improvisation

Live Hangout 9.09.2013

Stefan de Leval Jezierski
The Silver Horn, The Berlin Phil and Lots of Tennis!

Live Hangout 5.09.2013

A Tribute to Dale Clevenger
Live from Chicago

Live Hangout 10.06.2013

Christian Lindberg
Composing, Conducting and Trombone Playing

Live Hangout 16.05.2013

Denise Tryon and David Griffin
Keeping it Below the Stave

Live Hangout 10.05.2013

Horn Hangout en Español!

Live Hangout 1.03.2013

Wolfgang Vlader
Life with a Viennese Horn

Live Hangout 21.02.2013

Anna Prohaska
Enchanted Forest, Heavy Metal and Blue Soup

Live Hangout 2.04.2013

Barbara Hannigan
Perfect Pitch, Singers’ Breathing and conducting Sir Simon

Live Hangout 26.01.2013

Frøydis Ree Wekre
Teaching, Whistling and Buzzing at Bus Stops

Live Hangout 24.01.2013

Fergus McWilliam
Blow Your OWN Horn!

Live Hangout 23.01.2013

Håkan Hardenberger
Trumpet, Conducting and 10,000 Hours of Practice

Live Hangout 16.01.2013

Carol Jantsch
Philhadelphia Orchestra, Tuba, Cats and Frisbees

Live Hangout 18.12.2012

Myron Bloom
Cleveland Orchestra, George Szell and Other Heroes

Live Hangout 10.12.2012

Dinka Migic-Vlatkovic
Conquering Performance Fears

Live Hangout 6.12.2012

Dale Clevenger
Chicago Symphony, Maestros and Critics

Live Hangout 29.11.2012

Mick Mulcahy
Trombone, Music and Chicago Legends

Live Hangout 28.11.2012

Gail Williams
Breathing and Blowing and Singing Dogs

Live Hangout 13.11.2012

Jeff Nelsen
Fearless Horn Playing and a bit of Magic

Live Hangout 26.10.2012

Steven Mead
Mutes, Hotels and Upgrades

Live Hangout 28.09.2012

James Morrison
Live Interval Chat from Melbourne

Live Hangout 27.09.2012

Radovan Vlatkovic
Touring, Performing and Family

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