Beethoven for Kids!

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Beethoven for Kids! What a wonderful topic to cover! We had so much fun making this episode, as I´m sure you will see. Beethoven’s music is for all ages, as my young friends Tabea, Johanna and Mette and I all agreed on at the end of the day´s filming.These girls were such professionals in front of the camera, thank you ladies! When we had to repeat things, they knew word for word what they had said in the first take and corrected me brutally if I dared to change anything the second time around. Bob the Minion was a great guest to have along as well – always cheerful and never noisy, except when the gummy bears came out at the end of the day…

We loved visiting the house where Beethoven was born, his collection of instruments and hearing devices especially impressed us. We had a lot of fun clicking around on the interactive website for kids- I was very happy to see how much the children enjoyed themselves and was especially proud when we had finished to hear Johanna say to Mette “ come over to my house and we can look at Beethoven’s website again together”. Success! I hope all you kids will have fun with it too, the link is below.

I decided to include my children´s concert about Beethoven which I did with the Dresdner Philharmonie because it was such a lovely afternoon and the kids all seem to love it. A big thank you to my genius friend Tom Redmond who generously allowed me to steal his storm. It´s so important to make classical music accessible for our younger viewers and I really hope this episode of Sarah´s Music helps to do just that. And if all else fails, get the gummy bears out!! 🙂 Enjoy Beethoven for Kids, whether you are a kid or not!