The Magic of Chamber Music

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‘A conversation between friends’.

For me, this statement sums up chamber music perfectly. Every musician I know says they love to play it, but as you’ll hear in this episode, for some, it can still be a mystery. Even my own sister, who grew up with my music around her, says she still doesn’t quite “get” chamber music.

I hope this episode, filmed at the Beethovenfest in Bonn, will help her and any other doubters out there. Chamber music is a magical thing and in this episode, we were so lucky to have such wonderful musicians sharing their love for chamber music with us. Sol, Bertrand, Daishin and Konstantin are true magicians and I loved listening to their rehearsals and watching their interaction. And I especially loved what Daishin said about the good chamber music partnership extending into the post-concert dinner…so true!

It’s always great to be at the Beethovenfest. Deutsche Welle is the main sponsor so we are happy to make it a regular Sarah’s Music spot. Come and join us there live for some chamber music next year, I’ll buy you some Bonner Gummy Bears ! 🙂