09/02/18 09:18 Alejandro What do you exactly do (Chris Martin) to be the great trumpetist you are?
09/02/18 11:30 John from The Netherlands Mr Martin, how do you keep your embouchure in shape and under which circumstances ?
09/02/18 15:03 Sarah in New York Good morning from New York!
09/02/18 15:04 Sarah in New York An hour to go until Chris's Hangout, we're setting up at the NYPhil Archives, such an INCREDIBLE place! More about that later!
09/02/18 15:12 Trumpet Lovers Good hangout, mrs. Sarah Willis. We are ready to share!
09/02/18 15:19 Sarah in New York Hi dear Trumpetlovers! Looking forward to having you join us! The livestream will start in 45 minutes, see you soon!
09/02/18 15:30 Jon Mitchell Morning Sarah. Looking forward to another great show here in NYC
09/02/18 15:31 Sarah in New York Morning Jon! We missed you yesterday!
09/02/18 15:32 Jon Mitchell Trust me - i wish I had been there! The dinner was boring!
09/02/18 15:52 Peppe ho
09/02/18 15:52 Peppe hi
09/02/18 15:52 Sarah in New York Chris just arrived! Going live in 10!
09/02/18 15:53 Pierre L'Allier Hello yet again from Wales. We are so blessed with all these lovely Hangouts. But, an awful lot of work for you and your team Sarah. Many thanks again.
09/02/18 15:53 Sarah in New York Let us know where you are watching
09/02/18 15:53 Sarah in New York Hello Pierre, lovely you can join us again! Yes, a lot of work but we love it!
09/02/18 15:55 Sarah in New York We'll be live streaming onto Facebook too but I'll be using this live chat here for the questions
09/02/18 15:56 Brian in Bensalem Chris, Is your playing approach in NY any different than it was with the CSO brass?
09/02/18 15:56 Mike in Boulder, Colorado Great Hangouts lately!
09/02/18 15:57 Harold from Elkhart In good morning all from a very snowy Elkhart Indiana
09/02/18 15:57 Jon Mitchell Sarah. Let us know what original scores you get to see in the archive
09/02/18 15:59 Jack Burt Hi, Chris and Sarah from snowbound Maine!
09/02/18 15:59 Jack Burt Watching in my office...
09/02/18 16:00 Ray from Toronto Hi Sarah! Thanks for doing another horn hangout! Watching from Toronto, Canada, and hope you and the Berlin Phil will come back soon!
09/02/18 16:00 Sarah in New York Great to see you out there!
09/02/18 16:00 Sarah in New York Chris says hi, Jack! he says to tell you he has his rotary with him :-)
09/02/18 16:02 Sarah in New York Let us know where you are all watching from!
09/02/18 16:02 Sarah in New York going live in 3
09/02/18 16:02 juan watching from Spain
09/02/18 16:02 Jack Burt HAs Tell Chris I love it!
09/02/18 16:02 Jack Burt Ha...
09/02/18 16:03 Mum Great I haven't missed anything. Been bashing my computer trying to get you live.
09/02/18 16:03 Peppe Watching from Italy
09/02/18 16:03 Richard in Atanta Hi, well he left Atlanta for... where was it? Does the rotary mean Berlin is next?
09/02/18 16:04 Maarten Cheers from Belgium
09/02/18 16:04 Sarah in New York Hello Mum!
09/02/18 16:04 Mum hallo you
09/02/18 16:05 Maarten Hi Mum!
09/02/18 16:05 Geo Watching in Oslo Norway!
09/02/18 16:05 Mum Hi Maarten in Belgium!
09/02/18 16:06 Brianna Kirkland Tuning in while getting ready for a concert, love from Boston!
09/02/18 16:07 Jack Burt I would love to her Chris talk about mouthpiece choices between piston and rotary.
09/02/18 16:08 Jack Burt Geek stuff, I know...
09/02/18 16:09 Handsome Tim hi everyone! thanks for joining
09/02/18 16:10 Bob Malone Hi Sarah and Chris! Greetings from sunny Southern California - Great to hear you both!!
09/02/18 16:10 Handsome Tim don't for get to ask your questions :)
09/02/18 16:10 Gabe (NY Phil Archives) To view the NY Phil Digital Archives, visit archives.nyphil.org!
09/02/18 16:10 Mum Hi Tim! You are missing yet another summer's day in Oz!
09/02/18 16:11 Ansel Hi friends from Miami!!
09/02/18 16:13 Aija Mattson wooohoo!
09/02/18 16:13 Stephen Burns Hey, Chris! Greetings from Chicago. We miss you man!
09/02/18 16:17 Enrico Hi, Chris! Watching from Ohio
09/02/18 16:17 claire martin hey daddy, I love you!!!
09/02/18 16:18 Aija Mattson favorite memory thus far in New york phil? :)
09/02/18 16:19 Matheus Sousa Huge fan of Chris!! Watching from Ṣo Paulo, Brazil
09/02/18 16:20 dwayne from sri lanka I love to play as a hobby but never have much time to practise. what would you recommend to do for my 15 minutes per day?
09/02/18 16:20 Richard in Atanta soft playing: CSO quintet in Atlanta several years ago was unreal--how so you play that soft?
09/02/18 16:21 Greetings form Ecuador Hi Chris !
09/02/18 16:22 BrichTimp from Bensalem, Chris, has your approach to playing changed with NYP compared with the CSO brass?
09/02/18 16:22 Stephen Burns Vacchiano had a vest like a hunting vest which he loaded with 5-6 mouthpieces like shotgun shells
09/02/18 16:23 Peter Stark 7E on the pic - me too :-)
09/02/18 16:23 Frederik Treu How did you work on your sound, when you was a younger player?:)
09/02/18 16:24 Mike Myers Hi from Seattle!
09/02/18 16:24 Matthias Hi Chris. How do you prepare your embochure for a new Season. For example. Today Mahler 6 and tomorrow Schumann 2. all the best from Vienna
09/02/18 16:24 Aki! Greetengs for you both from Helsinki!
09/02/18 16:25 Enrico in Ohio Chris, how did you build endurance in college without injuring or overplaying yourself? And did you take days off often?
09/02/18 16:26 Brian Johnston I'm wondering how you stay focused/calm in such high pressure situations in the orchestra.
09/02/18 16:26 Trumpet Lovers Hi Sarah, we're sharing! Can you please ask how was the excitement of performing on the theme of Lincoln on the 4th of July?
09/02/18 16:28 Aija Mattson Andris Nelsons!!!!! proud latvian over here. :)
09/02/18 16:28 Ashlene Hello from Toronto, Canada! Do you ever feel nervous before concerts? If you do, how do you tackle the nervousness effectively?
09/02/18 16:29 Aija Mattson Happy birthday John!!!
09/02/18 16:29 Aija Mattson belated birthday john Williams! :)
09/02/18 16:30 Peppe who's your favourite composer?
09/02/18 16:31 Valerie Ankeney Greetings from LA!
09/02/18 16:32 Frederik Treu What would you'۪re routine be when you studied?:)
09/02/18 16:33 Juri Balbona Hi im from philippines watching ypu guys,., Happy days
09/02/18 16:33 Bob Malone What has been your biggest musical challenge and how did you overcome it?
09/02/18 16:34 Sean Alexander Hello from Manhattan School of Music! Chris, can you explain the "poo" attack and how to do it correctly?
09/02/18 16:36 Andrew Lee Hello from Taiwan!
09/02/18 16:36 Peter Stark The NY Christmas concert was a great concert, w/Chris, Doc Severinsen, Phil Smith, etc
09/02/18 16:37 Jessy Do you exercise as part of your maintenance of playing?
09/02/18 16:37 Victor Marcano Hello Chris! What advice would you give a college student looking into joining a professional orchestra after graduation? Thank you!
09/02/18 16:37 Bob Malone Careful what you ask for, a quick change, multi mouthpiece adapter on the way. :)
09/02/18 16:38 Peppe Gene Pokorny or Alan Baer?
09/02/18 16:40 Matthias Hi Chris. How do you prepare your embochure for a new Season. For example. Today Mahler 6 and tomorrow Schumann 2. all the best from Vienna
09/02/18 16:40 Peter Stark Maynard also used to say warm up was about breath as much as anything
09/02/18 16:41 Matheus Sousa Hello from Brazil
09/02/18 16:42 Juri Balbona Sir chris can you play fligth of the bumblebee on trumpet???
09/02/18 16:42 Delmar Great recital last week at University of Georgia! Enjoying the interview today!
09/02/18 16:42 Sean Alexander Hello from Manhattan School of Music! Chris, can you explain the "poo" attack and how to do it correctly?
09/02/18 16:46 Ben Berghorn Thank you for the great interview, Chris and Sarah. This is wonderful!
09/02/18 16:46 Min Choi HelloIs there a difference between when you play in an orchestra and when you play solo and when you play?
09/02/18 16:48 juan hello from Spain, which is your favourite trumpet excerpt?
09/02/18 16:48 Daniel Whats the most important thing in a trial year in de orchestra as a trumpet Player :)
09/02/18 16:49 Steve (Seattle) Quite possibly the most scatalogical Horn Hangout of all time! ;)
09/02/18 16:50 Jessy 94
09/02/18 16:51 Delmar At what schools of music in the NYC area is Chris teaching or going to teach?
09/02/18 16:51 Trumpet Lovers Mrs. Willis, can you please ask him how his first contact with the trumpet was in his life?
09/02/18 16:52 Peter Stark Church acoustics are the best!
09/02/18 16:53 Heidi Greetings from Trumansburg NY
09/02/18 16:53 Bob Malone What has been your biggest musical challenge? How did you overcome it?
09/02/18 16:53 Markus O Hello from DC!!
09/02/18 16:55 Brian from Bensalem, Sarah would dig DCI...check out Blue Devils!
09/02/18 16:55 juan have you ever had a bad experience on a concert or audition?
09/02/18 16:55 Peppe How many hours should a student practice in a day
09/02/18 16:55 Jan Could've been Eli Musk?
09/02/18 16:56 Paul Hy Chris. Do you warm down After a Hard concert like alpine symphony. Greets from Salzburg
09/02/18 16:56 Aki from Finland Would Chris been interested the Berlin Phil seat succeeding Tamas? Chris and Gabor would be super principal team! _''_
09/02/18 16:56 Aija Mattson Amazing how far you've come!!!! you are incredible Chris Martin.
09/02/18 16:56 Bob Malone Little Collins!
09/02/18 16:56 Aija Mattson inspirational
09/02/18 16:56 Andrew Lee Hi from Taiwan,
09/02/18 16:56 Wagner Felix Hello from Ṣo Paulo Brazil. It's always a pleasure hear from Chris
09/02/18 16:56 Maarten Coffee time? For me, it's now beer-o-clock!
09/02/18 16:57 Peter Stark Thanks Sarah and Chris
09/02/18 16:57 Pierre L'Allier Thanks
09/02/18 16:58 George Butler Hello from Tallinn, Estonia! Thanks, you two.
09/02/18 17:07 Andrew Lee What advices would sir Chirs give to young players who want to become a professional orchestra player? (trumpet and also attitude staff, during study, not starting career time, etc.) :)
22/02/18 19:45 Marco Berdanto Only just finally seen this hangout......... suuuuper!
22/02/18 19:46 Marco Berdanto next we want carol jarvis trombone player........ she has a amazing story of health but still top trombone around the world