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Latest News

We had a fantastic time doing the first live Horn Hangout of 2017! The Hangout was at the Gebr. Alexander factory in Mainz all about how to care for your horn – the secret of which oil where will be revealed and lots more. A recorded version will be available very soon!

HO HO HORN!! I loved creating this year´s Berlin Philharmonic Christmas Family Concert – the video will is on the Digital Concert Hall – it has an english voiceover and is free so perfect Christmas viewing! Let me know what you think!

WYNTON! So proud to have jazz legend and one of my heroes Wynton Marsalis on Sarah´s Music. Don´t miss this episode, he is really the greatest and his Horn Challenge was pretty impressive too…watch it here!

We had a blast – literally – at the Australia Horn Hangout/Masterclass live from Brisbane! Loved that so many of you joined in the global horn ensemble, here´s the video of our favourite highlights and also a video of the Brisbane Horn Day, enjoy!

Marching with a Bearskin Hat…If you haven´t seen this episode of Sarah´s Music yet, please promise me you will, I ADORED doing this one! A Day with the Band of the Coldstream Guards– very British indeed!

Had a fabulous time doing our London Horn Hangouts -the live online horn masterclass at the Royal College of Music on Monday – as well as our live Horn Hangout with Anthony Halstead and the LSO horn section. Tony Halstead´s Hangout is up now on the video page, the others are coming soon! Rule Brittania!

One of my favourite Sarah´s Music episodes so far…up, up and away with the Lufthansa Orchestra! You´ll love this episode, especially our horn playing pilot star David Schubert! Watch in in the archive here!

Sarah´s Music- Episode Extras! If you have been enjoying Sarah´s Music on Deutsche Welle TV, you´ll love this page! Here you can see all the making-of photos, the embarrassing outtakes and, because the site is interactive, you can let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you!