• Sarah plays horn for the Elephants of Berlin!

  • Sarah at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 on Martin Grubinger´s KlickKlack TV show.

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  • Sarah´s Music - the brand new classical music show on Deutsche Welle TV!

  • Sarah appears on Insight Germany

  • Who would have thought... French Horn duo creating a pre-school dance party!

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  • Sarah is blown away in the Digital Concert Hall

  • Sarah appears on Dickes B - a German talk show.

Latest News

The Berlin Philharmonic chose Kirill Petrenko as their new chief conductor. Find out here in an interview for Deutsche Welle TV why Sarah thinks he is a great choice. She was also the first person to interview him for the Digital Concert Hall in 2009 – watch the whole interview here!

Did you spot the french horns in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015? Check out the interval act here.  Sarah performed with Martin Grubinger and the Percussive Planet live in the interval act for 250 million viewers… What a night! 12 Points!

Sarah´s Music- Episode Extras! If you have been enjoying Sarah´s Music on Deutsche Welle TV, you´ll love this new page! Here you can see all the making-of photos, the embarrassing outtakes and because the site is interactive, you can let us know what you think. Sarah is really looking forward to hearing from you!

Music and Science on Sarah´s Music! The latest episode of Sarah´s Music featured Sarah lying on her back in an MRI tube wearing a Stormtrooper mask and playing a plastic and copper horn…find out why and what happened on the Deutsche Welle website here!

If you missed Håkan Hardenberger on the latest live Horn Hangout, you can watch it now here on the video page! Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Horn Discoveries! Sarah´s latest CD is out… all infos here, would love to hear what you think! Order it today on iTunes!