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 The Mozart y Mambo Horn Hangout was a lot of fun in the room for us all… but we were so sad that some of you weren’t able to access the livestream. 

But don’t worry – we recorded it all and the video can be found on this website on the Horn Hangouts page. One of the most fun Horn Hangouts yet!


At the most recent Horn Hangouts we were  live from the International Horn Society 2022 on August 5th. It was great to hang out with so many of the IHS featured artists. You can watch it here – enjoy and do let me know who YOU would like to hang out with next?


Magic happens on this live page! Keep an eye out here for details of the next live Horn Hangout and let us know in the chat where you will be watching from and which guests you would like to have on the Hangouts. Looking forward to seeing you online soon!




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