Highlights of Sarah's 2022 Calendar

Happy to get back to real concerts! Here are some of the highlights coming up:

Mozart y Mambo - Havana, Cuba

January 4th 2022

Family Concert with the 12 Cellos of the Berlin Philharmonic - Luxembourg

March 19

Recording and Filming in Havana for Mozart y Mambo Part 3

March 22-April 14

Baden Baden BPh Easter Festival

April 16-18

Alte Oper Frankfurt - Come Backstage!

May 8

Madeira - Concerto for 2 Horns with Stefan Dohr

May 12-14

Masterclasses at the Birmingham Conservatoire , Birmingham UK

June 1-2

Berlin Philharmonic Open Day

June 12

Dresdner Philharmonie Children´s Concert, Dresden

June 19

Pacific Music Festival, Sapporo ,Japan

July 8-19th