Highlights of Sarah's 2022 Calendar

Here are some of the highlights coming up:

15-18.02 Caracas, Venezuela

Mozart y Mambo & Masterclass, El Sistema

20-25.02.23 Bogotá, Colombia

Mozart y Mambo, Orquesta Filarmónica de Bogotá

25.02-5.03 Medellín, Colombia

Mozart y Mambo & Masterclass, Iberacademy

19.03.23 Frankfurt, Germany

Backstage @ Alte Oper

1.04-10.04.23 Baden Baden, Germany

Berlin Philharmonic Easter Festival

19.04-21.04 Vienna, Austria

Concerts with The Philharmonic Brass

1.05-14.05.23 Los Angeles, USA

Concerts with the LA Philharmonic

19.05.23 Birmingham, UK

Masterclass at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

24.06.23 Berlin, Germany

Berlin Philharmonic Waldbühne Concert

28.06-30.06.23 Rheingau, Germany

Concerts as Featured Artist at the Rheingau Festival

3.07-17-07.23 Sapporo, Japan

Pacific Music Festival

18.07.23 Tokyo, Japan

Concert for Opus One in Tokyo

25.07-28.07.23 Montreal, Canada

International Horn Society Festival

1.08-10.08.23 Wiesbaden, Amsterdam, Lucerne, Berlin

Mozart y Mambo Tour - Havana Lyceum Orchestra