Friday night in the Time of Corona means Horn Hangout party – this week was no exception. Gathered online were horn stars Gail Williams, Julie Landsman, Jen Montone, Barbara Jöstlein Currie, Sarah Willis, Stefan Dohr, Stefan Jezierski, Gus Sebring, Andrew Bain, Erik Ralske, Nathaniel Silberschlag and special VIP guest – Frøydis Ree Werke!
Gail Williams suggested we all think of 3 pieces we love with no French horn in them for recommended listening. Fabulous to hear everyone´s suggestions, watch and see!

A live Horn Hangout all about the first years of the horn featuring Annie Bosler in LA and Heidi Wessel in Berlin. Invaluable advice and tips on playing and teaching in those very important early years from these two expert teachers – horn players and teachers of any age and ability will benefit from this – as did Stefan and Sarah, who were both taken back to their very first horn lesson. Unmissable!

Here are a list of Heidi and Annie’s recommended etudes, solos and exercises, we are so grateful to them for sharing these with us.

The First Years of Horn Favourites
Annie 1_Herbert L Clarkes.pdf
Annie 2_Beethoven Ode to Joy very first solo for students
Annie 3_Horvit Circus Suite March mvt 1 for horn and piano
Annie 4_Adrian Hallam Mobsters Movement List
Annie 5 Wilder Little Detective Suite Solo Horn
Annie 6_Dan Kelley arr Jesu for key
Annie Bosler_Books for the Beginner & Intermediate Horn Player
Heidi – Beginner Solos
Heidi – Beginner Etudes
Heidi – Favourite Etudes
Heidi- Horn Hangout Recommendations

Horn superstars Gail Williams, Radovan Vlatković and Stefan Dohr join Sarah on the Horn Hangouts and bring along their favourite etudes. A unique opportunity to listen to these four demonstrate and talk about etudes, why to play them, what to play and why they are so important as a part of your horn practice. A Horn Hangout not to be missed along with the Cinematic Etude at the bottom – a special present for the Horn Hangout community!
Here are their list of recommended etudes:
Clemi – Beginner – Jürgen Runge
Gail – Neuling 30 Special Studies for Low horn Nr 5
Gail -Maxime Alphonse Horn Etudes Book 5 Nr 17
Radovan – GALLAY 12 Caprices Nr 4
Radovan – Franz Konzert-Etuden Nr 10
Radovan – KOPPRASCH Book II Nr 59
Sarah – Gallay Op 57 for 2 Horn
Stefan – Belloli 6 Etudes Nr 6
Stefan – Maxime Alphones Nr 1

Stefan – Verne Reynolds Nr 5

Cinematic Horn Etude #1

One of my favourite Horn Hangouts of all time! This wonderful group of some of the best trombone players in the world met on Horn Hangouts to talk about motivation, teaching and practice during the Corona lockdown time. Great to hear their stories and how they know each other.
A very special Horn Hangout starring Joe Alessi, Ian Bousfield, Jörgen van Rijen, Charlie Vernon, Christian Lindberg, Nils Landgren, Carol Jarvis, Mick Mulcahy, Zoltan Kiss, Stefan Schulz, Jesper Busk Sorenson and David Rejano.

Stefan Dohr, Stefan Jezierski and Sarah Willis guide the Horn Hangout global viewers through some of their favourite warm up exercises. Grab your horns and join in!

The Berlin Philharmonic Horn Section 2020 – Stefan Dohr, Stefan Jezierski, Andrej Zust and Sarah Willis get together on Sarah’s live Horn Hangouts to talk about how their section works. Special appearances by Klaus Wallendorf and the Berlin Phil “newbie” Johannes Lamotke.

Sarah Willis & Stefan Dohr continue the special series of live Horn Hangouts in the Time of Corona with horn tips galore, joined by a global audience who posted wonderful questions in real time on the Horn Chat. Loving this feeling of being connected to the horn world in these strange times!

A unique hour spent with trumpet superstars! On this special Horn Hangout in the time of Corona when everyone is staying home, Sarah Willis invited some of the worlds best trumpet players to join her on a live Horn Hangout. What a global trumpet summit it was! Starring: Chris Martin, Sergei Nakariakov, Håkan Hardenberger, Wayne Bergeron, Arturo Sandoval, Tine Thing Helseth, Phil Smith, Matthias Höfs, Phil Cobb and Gabor Tärkövi and questions from a wonderful live audience all over the world. Don’t miss this!

The global horn community gets together on the Horn Hangouts to celebrate the fabulous Julie Landsman´s birthday. Featuring an impressive guest list, a rendition of Happy Birthday like you have never heard it before and party hats galore.

Gail Williams, esteemed horn player and teacher at the Bienen School of Music in Chicago, joins Sarah Willis live on the Horn Hangouts. Amazing tips about breathing and buzzing and a special cameo appearance by Apollo the German Shepherd.