The Natural Horn Hangout starring Anneke Scott, Tony Halstead and Roger Montgomery. What a fascinating Hangout this was! We learned so much – about the instruments, the mouthpieces, how to care for a natural horn. If you missed this live, don’t miss it here in the archive! And don’t forget to order Annika´s book here

The Sarah’s Music Horn Challenge has been a regular – and very popular – element of Sarah’s Music. I really think some my guests have wanted to be on the programme BECAUSE of the Horn Challenge! We featured the best of the Horn Challenges Part 1 a while back, and it was one of Deutsche Welle´s most viewed videos of the year.

Sadly, broadcasting budgets continue to be squeezed worldwide , including at Deutsche Welle. My team and I have had an amazing run over the past 4,5 years and have made an incredible 96 episodes! I have loved and have poured my heart and soul into making each and every one of them and feel so fortunate I have had this platform to share my musical world. We’ve built quite a global community together! I promise the next project isn’t far away but until then, my thanks to my fantastic Sarah’s Music team and everyone at Deutsche Welle. I will miss the programme a lot! We thought we would go out the best way we know how – with the Best of the Horn Challenges Part 2. Who is YOUR favourite, I can´t choose, I love them all. So I would love to hear from you!