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This episode was my very first and, as they say, you never forget your first… Well, I certainly won’t forget this episode! It was all extremely exciting and rather terrifying. Not only did I have to film for the Deutsche Welle for the first time but also for a documentary that the Berlin Philharmonic´s Digital Concert Hall was making about the day. Oh, AND I had to play the horn in Carmina Burana too… so it was a packed day and a very tiring shoot – but we started with a bang!

The very first piece-to-camera was up on the balcony of the Philharmonie overlooking the Kulturforum, where Carmina was being staged. I remember being quite ok about everything until I got onto that balcony and had to say my first texts with the whole crew looking at me. The nerves kicked in! But everything went well and it was a great day. Perfect music to start Sarah´s Music with, by the way – Carmina Burana by Carl Orff sung by the Berlin Radio Choir accompanied by children who we called our ‘Vocal Heroes’.

I was very grateful to my ‘Boss’, Sir Simon Rattle, for being my very first interviewee on Sarah´s Music. What a way to start…! Simon Halsey was also wonderful to talk to and the Sarah´s Music Horn Challenge was started in style by young Clemens (who now watches every programme and compares the Horn Challenges to his own)..