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For this episode I was really excited to feature my wonderful Berlin Philharmonic colleagues from the woodwind section: Jonathan Kelly, principal oboe, Dominik Wollenweber, english horn, Stefan Schweigert, principal bassoon and Markus Weidmann, contrabassoon.

It was fascinating to hear them explain about the trials and tribulations of being part of the Double Reed Club – in other words, those musicians who have to make their own reeds.

They showed me how they do it – and told me stories of what happens if the reeds don’t work. And I thought horn playing was hard!

One of the things I enjoy about Sarah’s Music is learning more about people I thought I knew.. It was great to interview my colleagues and I had even more respect for them after understanding more about their instruments.

Thanks to them and also to Willi Reinicke, the woodwind instrument doctor, who told us why he can’t really relax when he goes to concerts. And… turn the sound up loud for this Horn Challenge!! 🙂