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“Cut! Let´s try that bit again, that note wasn’t quite in tune…” are words we all dread from the recording engineer during a recording. But sometimes something wonderful happens and we hear, “Cut, that was the perfect take”! This episode features some of the incredible people responsible for bringing music from the recording studio into our ears. The Teldex Studio in Berlin is a beautiful place to record in but during the filming I realized something else I love about the place- the silence of that big hall. I´m used to it being full of musicians whenever I record there and the day we were there it was just for us.

We really enjoyed the day there – isn’t that the control room impressive with all its buttons and switches? Thanks to Friedemann Englebrecht and René Möller for their time, their studio and all the music they have helped bring into the world. And I was happy to get my own back a little bit on René with the Horn Challenge for all those “cut!“ moments he and I have shared 🙂