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These girls are awesome. Really. They are not only amazing pianists and have the most successful careers but they are wonderful, funny, gorgeous and generous women who are so much fun to be around. I chose to visit them for this concert because they had played ‘Nazareno’ with us in Berlin with Sir Simon Rattle conducting and I love the piece. The composer, Gonzalo Grau, is a fantastic multi-talented Venezuelan musician (who also dances great salsa… which we of course did!) and I was happy to feature his music.

These two days in Paris were fabulous, we all laughed a lot backstage and I want to go back and make The Labèques Part 2 as soon as I can! Merci beaucoup, Katia et Marielle, your Horn Challenge is one of my favourites so far. It took a while to get all that lipstick off my mouthpiece…