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Just across the road from Carnegie Hall you can find the 21C Media Group.

I met Jessica Lustig, one of the managing partners, in Sydney whilst involved in the YouTube Symphony Orchestra project in 2011.

She was responsible for thrusting a microphone in my hand and telling me I was presenting live during the concert—and there has been no looking back ever since, she´s created a monster 🙂

Since then I have really admired the work 21C does for my beloved classical music world and decided we should show the Sarah´s Music viewers what they do and why it is so important for music today.

In this episode you will meet Jessica, Albert Imperato, Glenn Petry and the rest of the 21C team – a fantastic group of people passionate about music and the job they do.

Later, Alan Gilbert, the chief conductor of the New York Philharmonic and one of 21C´s clients, popped in. He officially had a meeting at 21C, but I think he was just determined to get in on the Horn Challenge – check it out!