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I was so excited about this episode! Who wouldn’t be? To be able to spend a day exploring backstage at the Met, one of the most famous opera houses in the world, meet opera superstars and listen in on a rehearsal. I loved being there!

There is something very special about sitting in an empty opera house listening to a rehearsal. It was like they were playing just for me and my team. The orchestra was rehearsing Massenet´s “Manon” with Diana Damrau and Vittorio Grigolo in the main roles. I had never met them before and loved talking to them both (adored Diana´s dress) It was fun to be down in the pit with the horn section – and what a horn section they are! Thanks for talking to me, you guys!

Peter Gelb, the managing director, gave a really interesting interview- it´s a real problem with this programme: Sarah´s Music is only 12 minutes but we film hours of fantastic footage for every episode.

I don’t envy the editors, who have to choose what things to leave out but if I was editing, the programs would be 2 hours long. Good thing I´m not! Enjoy being at the Met in this episode, I really did!