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Here in Germany, the French Horn has been proclaimed Instrument of the Year 2015. Now, my horn makes an appearance on every episode of Sarah’s Music but I wanted to do something special to mark this year and when the opportunity came up of doing a tour of all the horned animals at the Berlin Zoo with my friend Dr Andreas Ochs, I thought this would make a good basis for one of our episodes. It was definitely a first for me doing the introduction with a rhino…I got thoroughly slobbered on by Ine the Rhino who has two rather magnificent horns of her own!

In this episode you can get an idea of how a French horn like mine evolved from the animal horn to the concert stage, I have included some links below as I am sure you will want to know more details…:-) We all had fun at the Zoo and I loved playing our little barn concert with my friends and fellow horn players, Thomas Jordans and Klaus Wallendorf. It was a family affair and their children showed how they take after their fathers by playing loudest during the Horn Challenge!

The Berlin Philharmonic Horn Marathon Day at the Philharmonie was also a perfect opportunity to show you how we horn players like to get together and play our favourite instrument. Horn is really much more fun in a group and the more the merrier, as you can see at the end in the Flashmob. Well, we were more like just a mob because we took so long to get organized and tape the music onto the backs of the person in front of us, so it wasn’t really a surprise flash, more like a little concert. I had the best human music stand of all – you’ll have to watch to see what I mean! Clemi was also our very first Sarah´s Music Horn Challenge, have a look here.

I hope you enjoy this episode and will agree with us horn players that our instrument really does deserve the honour of being Instrument of the Year 2015!