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I first discovered Henrik’s music when I was asked to interview him for Apple’s series “Meet the Musician” at the Apple Store in Berlin. Henrik had just brought out his CD “Instruments” and Apple thought it would be interesting to have him chat to a classical musician. I really enjoyed talking to him, the interview link is below, and it was fascinating to find out about a world of music I really had no idea about before- the world of electronic and club music.

Since then I have looked forward to the opportunity to feature Henrik on Sarah’s Music and this concert in Berlin seemed the perfect chance. The Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin (German Chamber Orchestra) performed two of his pieces in their concert series “Neue Meister” – “New Masters”. It was really fascinating to experience first hand how Henrik’s music sounds played on classical music instruments instead of a computer. And it was difficult to play! Thanks to Johannes Lamotke for letting me join the horn section.

Highlight of the day for me was our little composing / sampling session, although it was hard to believe that Henrik could create so much out of the few notes I played. You can hear the whole session exclusively below.

As usual, I had a great day with my wonderful Sarah´s Music Team. Thanks to our sound guy Manuel Wilhelm for the making-of photos! We laugh a lot whilst filming, especially when the presenter messes up – check out today´s outtake…

So what do you think? Does electronic music belong in the concert hall? Should classical music be played in the clubs? An interesting discussion…I would love to hear from you!