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As I say in the introduction to this episode, I really didn´t know the Winterreise (Winter´s Journey) very well and it has been an absolute gift to get to know them. This combination of voice and piano is so intimate and so beautiful and the combination of Ian Bostridge and Julius Drake is a dream!

This episode took a lot of research- listening to the songs, reading Ian´s book, “Anatomy of an Obsession”, (which weighs a ton but is fascinating and extremely well written, so it was worth the extra weight in my hand luggage!)

The concert in the Berlin Chamber Music Hall as part of the MaerzMusic Festival was incredible. Every single one of the 24 songs was special. You could have heard a pin drop – the 75 minutes passed by so quickly.

I am now a firm Lieder convert and I hope this episode of Sarah’s Music will turn you into one too if you, like me, were not one before. Enjoy!