The Bronx, New York, June 2016 – Damien Sneed, Pastor Chantel Wright, Chorale le Chateau, Sound of Victory

Gospel! What a day we had! The power of gospel music moved not just me but all of my team– although our ears were really pounding at the end of it. The energy was impressive and it was wonderful to see how deeply the congregation felt and shared their faith through their singing and dancing.

I loved collaborating with the multi-talented Damian Sneed for this episode. He was a such a huge help, especially since I had no idea how to even start planning the programme. And we were grateful that he not only invited us to his event but also let us have full run of the church. Speaking of which, we could hardly believe our eyes as we first saw the exterior of the Cathedral at Greater Faith. Who would have expected such a vibrant and huge church to be there, tucked between a takeaway and a nail bar. (I really don’t recommend the takeaway, by the way…)

Everyone at the Gathering was so friendly and welcoming and I felt honoured that Damien’s choir, Chorale le Chateau, all travelled up to the Bronx to sing “Everyone has his place” especially for us. Wonderful choir, inspiring interviews, fantastic day. Amen!