Boulez Saal, Berlin March 2018 – Guy Braunstein, Avi Avital, Dominic Oelze

I love Bach‘s Chaconne for solo violin. Who doesn‘t? It‘s one of the most recognisable pieces in the world and has inspired musicians and composers to arrange it for many different instruments and combinations of instruments.

So this project, “A Different Chaconne“ at the Boulez Saal in Berlin, jumped out at me when I was looking for ideas for Sarah‘s Music. Most of the musicians taking part were friends and colleagues of mine, so it was the perfect project. Thanks especially to Guy Braunstein for the original Chaconne and Sarah’s Music veteran Aci Avital for the most intimate Chaconne of the evening and for showing me how the Chaconne can sound on the horn…

We loved filming at the Boulez Saal last year when it opened and the filming this year coincided with it‘s first birthday. Happy Birthday Boulez Saal, Berlin is lucky to have you!