Miami, February 2017 – Michael Tilson Thomas, Clyde Scott, Roberto Toledo, New World Fellows

This was such a wonderful episode to make! A beautiful location, talented young musicians, fabulous organisation and fun people to work with, great music…oh, and not forgetting that Miami in February is a dream if you live in Berlin!

I really admire all that New World does and loved my time there as a horn coach. Sitting in the Frank Gehry concert hall and listen to these enthusiastic young musicians rehearse Schubert with Michael Tilson Thomas, I had a very strong “I love my job!” moment. New World has a very special atmosphere – it prepares young musicians not just musically but also to “take leadership roles in professional orchestras and ensembles”. Of course it´s vital to be dedicated to your instrument and practise as much as possible but I love the fact that New World takes care of the whole package, body, soul and mind as well as instrument.

This was a dream shoot for me and my team. I was really happy that Chris Rowe, my cameraman from Berlin, could join us in Miami and we were both blown away at how welcoming, competent and helpful the whole NW team was. Thanks especially to Craig Hall for tirelessly accompanying us and answering our thousands of questions!

As I said to MTT in his interview – I really wish I had had the chance to come here as a student. But I enjoyed coming as a horn coach and then being able to create this episode of Sarah´s Music about the Wallcast concert. I loved every minute of it and hope you will enjoy coming behind the scenes at New World as well!

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