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Berlin, Quito, Tokyo, Goa, London – December 2016 – Ecuador Brass, The Chord Quartet,
Child´s Play Foundation India, Band of the Coldstream Guards, 100 Berlin Horns, Santa Claus

Today’s technology gives us such fantastic opportunities for global interaction, bringing together people with shared passions and interests from all over the world. In my own community of musicians, I see the enormous benefit of the closer contact between us. This episode of Sarah´s Music is a perfect example of global interaction!

What I did was to contact friends from around the world to see if they would send me their Christmas music. And just look what we have collected! I’m excited to be including music from Ecuador, Japan, India and London. That’s big thanks to Ecuador Brass, Naoyuki Hayashi, Luis Dias and the Band of the Coldstream Guards for sending us their wonderful footage and demonstrating the spirit of this episode so beautifully. I am so grateful – thank you, gracias, arigato!

I am also delighted to include MY favourite Christmas music this year – Ho Ho Horn! – which was the title of this year´s Berlin Philharmonic Family Christmas concert. I create and present these family concerts each year in the Philharmonie – the wilder and more wonderful the better…

This year I featured the horn and, as you’ll see in the programme, I invited the Berlin horn community to take part. What a sight and sound that was! We also had two guests from past episodes of Sarah´s Music guests – Clemi, who took the very first ever Sarah´s Music Horn Challenge and also Dr Andreas Ochs, who gave us a tour of all horned animals in the Berlin Zoo for Sarah´s Music last year.

I got goosebumps when I saw the footage of all the horn players coming down the stairs to the stage in the Philharmonie. I am sure you´ll love it too – click here to check out the whole concert on the Digital Concert Hall, I promise it will put a smile on your face!

Thank you for watching Sarah´s Music, I love hearing from you all and where you are watching from around the world. Have a wonderful Christmas and a music-filled New Year and see you back here very soon!