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In one of the very first meetings discussing ‘Sarah´s Music’, I suggested to the the Deutsche Welle producers that perhaps we could have some sort of running element that would feature in every episode. Thus the Sarah´s Music Horn Challenge was born! It seems like yesterday, but nearly 3 years ago, Clemi – then 5 years old – took the very first challenge (some kind of context? a few more words about him) and since then has started studying the horn properly. He is proud of the fact that he was our first – especially as Plácido Domingo was the second!

From the world’s top musicians to young children, all of my guests on the programme, without exception, have been extremely good sports about taking the Horn Challenge. Remember, not all of them are even musicians! Sometimes I have taken it myself – like playing my horn while marching with the horn section of the Band of the Coldstream Guards. So tricky but one of my favourite moments so far. It was hard to choose the best Horn Challenges for this compilation as there have been so many memorable ones. We constantly receive letters from viewers from all corners of the globe, telling us how much they love the Horn Challenge and how it always makes them smile. So here is a wonderful 12 minute compilation of the best gurgles, hot air whistling and elephant noises which make up the wonderful surprises which the Sarah´s Horn Challenge has provided in our 56 episodes so far. Enjoy!