Berlin, May 2018 – The Be Phil Orchestra, Sir Simon Rattle, Stanley Dodds

“An experience of a lifetime” – this is how all of the musicians from the Be Phil Orchestra described this event when I interviewed them. And it truly was – for the musicians and for the audience! 101 musicians – all music lovers, not professionals, won an audition to take part in this very special orchestra. They travelled to Berlin and spent three days rehearsing, first with Stanley Dodds and then with Sir Simon Rattle. They came from all over the world – from Australia to Iceland to India to Trinidad and Tobago and it was wonderful to see how much they loved being part of this project and to watch them forging friendships for life.

I am very happy we could document this experience of a lifetime for Sarah´s Music, thanks to the team at the Digital Concert Hall for making it possible for us to co-film in the Philharmonie. It was also wonderful to be able to interview Sir Simon about it – I will miss him and all the magic he makes very much when he leaves the Berlin Philharmonic at the end of this season.

And, dear Be Phil musicians- it was great meeting to you and congratulations on a truly stunning Brahms 1. I know most of you had tears in your eyes at the end of it , I did too – your music-making really touched my heart!

Episode Extras photos courtesy of Monika Rittershaus