Lucerne, August 2017 – Lucerne Festival Orchestra, Ricardo Chailly, Michael Haefliger, Reinhold Friedrich

Lucerne can be the most beautiful and magical place if the weather is good. It is also a beautiful place when the weather is bad…it´s just not as fun to film outside as it could be! We really didn´t expect Lucerne to be so cold and rainy in the middle of August but it was. It didn´t dampen our spirits though – it was pure pleasure to be around the musicians of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra. As Kirsty Hilton says in the programme, the LFO is like a grown-up youth orchestra, and for me it was so lovely to see so many old friends who I hadn´t seen in ages. A very special orchestra!

A huge thank you to the LFO brass and percussion, led by the inimitable Reinhold Friedrich! We weren´t able to film the rehearsals as the orchestra were making a CD (buy it!) so we didn´t have enough music for this episode. The brass and percussion came to my rescue and surprised me by playing a march up on the roof of the KKL concert hall. I was so honoured and adored it – and them!

Enjoy Lucerne in the rain, next Sarah´s Music I make there I will insist the sun shines so I can show you the mountains, but for now you´ll have to make do with an alpine horn in the rain…