A live Horn Hangout all about the first years of the horn featuring Annie Bosler in LA and Heidi Wessel in Berlin. Invaluable advice and tips on playing and teaching in those very important early years from these two expert teachers – horn players and teachers of any age and ability will benefit from this – as did Stefan and Sarah, who were both taken back to their very first horn lesson. Unmissable!

Here are a list of Heidi and Annie’s recommended etudes, solos and exercises, we are so grateful to them for sharing these with us.

The First Years of Horn Favourites
Annie 1_Herbert L Clarkes.pdf
Annie 2_Beethoven Ode to Joy very first solo for students
Annie 3_Horvit Circus Suite March mvt 1 for horn and piano
Annie 4_Adrian Hallam Mobsters Movement List
Annie 5 Wilder Little Detective Suite Solo Horn
Annie 6_Dan Kelley arr Jesu for key
Annie Bosler_Books for the Beginner & Intermediate Horn Player
Heidi – Beginner Solos
Heidi – Beginner Etudes
Heidi – Favourite Etudes
Heidi- Horn Hangout Recommendations

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