Horn superstars Gail Williams, Radovan Vlatković and Stefan Dohr join Sarah on the Horn Hangouts and bring along their favourite etudes. A unique opportunity to listen to these four demonstrate and talk about etudes, why to play them, what to play and why they are so important as a part of your horn practice. A Horn Hangout not to be missed along with the Cinematic Etude at the bottom – a special present for the Horn Hangout community!
Here are their list of recommended etudes:
Clemi – Beginner – Jürgen Runge
Gail – Neuling 30 Special Studies for Low horn Nr 5
Gail -Maxime Alphonse Horn Etudes Book 5 Nr 17
Radovan – GALLAY 12 Caprices Nr 4
Radovan – Franz Konzert-Etuden Nr 10
Radovan – KOPPRASCH Book II Nr 59
Sarah – Gallay Op 57 for 2 Horn
Stefan – Belloli 6 Etudes Nr 6
Stefan – Maxime Alphones Nr 1

Stefan – Verne Reynolds Nr 5

Cinematic Horn Etude #1

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