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After 31 (31!!) episodes of Sarah´s Music I thought it was finally time to delve into the archives and share with you some of my favourite moments. Easy, or so I thought…It proved to be so difficult! I got lost down memory lane and loved re-watching all these wonderful musicians and experiences I have had this past year and a half. Then I painfully picked out my favourite moments, but when our picture editor Kevin Steiner added it all together, we saw we would have had a 45 minute programme. So Deutsche Welle editor Martin Roddewig had to come in, I was banished from the editing room and together he and Kevin made this 12 minute episode of favourites. I love what they did and was glad that I didn’t have to choose. But I have many more favourite moments so watch this space – there are going to be more episodes like this one coming up in the next year! I would love you to let me know YOUR favourite moments and where you watch Sarah´s Music from too, you are more than welcome to write to me in the chat at the bottom of this page.

What a fantastic experience it has been making the first 31 programs – may there be many more. Thanks to the Deutsche Welle for giving me the chance to share my music world and also to the tireless team at Bernard Fleischer Moving Images for producing the program. Enjoy these Sarah´s Music Moments and Happy New Year!